quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2016

I just need you

I really don't know why I like you too much, we never have a properly conversation. The energy you transmits me is good, I feel safe in your arms, a fire in your kiss and I'm jealous about someone who is not mine, you. Idk why is so hard talk with you, to be honest you never help, you never send me messengers when we are not together, show interest and that kind of things. Actually you do when we are together and this make me really confused, what do you want with me? this love consumes me but whatever I just want to a properly conversation, I want go out with you not just for a kiss, I wanna be your friend, know your adventures and history, know what you like or not like, I wanna be your friend, a passion and adventure, I need you.
                                 -For my piscean

Um comentário:

  1. Hi, I know how it can hurt. I really mean that. I wish that you talked about it, and wait. Maybe the energy is not already syncronized. Have peace in heart.